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Fix your Money Blocks

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  • Maggie Edwards

There are many reasons for having money blocks. I won’t spend much time on the reasons, but will focus on how to identify that we have them, how to work on them, along with taking those all important next steps to overcome those issues! You can’t thrive in life...

There are many reasons for having money blocks. I won’t spend much time on the reasons, but will focus on how to identify that we have them, how to work on them, along with taking those all important next steps to overcome those issues! You can’t thrive in life having money blocks, because they block your potential and your brilliance. Life is too beautiful to worry about money.

To some degree we all have money blocks, just not all of us realise that. Money blocks are simply ‘‘anything, which holds you back from making the amount of money you desire’’. It is the one and only underlying out-dated beliefs, which is manifesting itself in our lives and will continue to manifest until we do something about it.

There are also many different interpretations of money blocks, for example: ” I am not allowed to be successful. It is not safe to have money. You need to work hard to be rich. Money is being greedy” all of which are just different labels, however, they all have one common theme:  ‘’ money – the bad vibe, bad energy” it is an indicator of blocks, their limitations or fears around money.

I have listed some of the most common money blocks:

  • It is hard work to earn money;
  • I don’t deserve it;
  • My family has nothing, I am the same;
  • Rich and famous means being greedy and selfish;
  • I don’t care about the money;
  • I don’t know how to earn more money;
  • I just can’t keep the money, if someone needs it I will give it away or I spend it all;
  • It’s better to give away than to keep it;
  • I want to be happy, rich is just for those who are showing off, I am not like that;
  • If I win a lot of money, I don’t know what I’m going to do with it.

All of these perspectives are ”beliefs embedded” in the subconscious mind, which were acquired since you were a little child, or even later in life based on certain experiences or events in your life.

It is not so much important why we have them, it is more important how to deal with them, how to change them and to give ourselves a second chance change the beliefs and move on in life.

As mentioned previously the money blocks are embedded in the subconscious mind, and they keep showing up in life in various ways, for example, automatic negative thinking, scared feeling, feeling uneasy when talking about it, being frozen when you need to ask for more money for example at work. In summary, we just feel bad about ourselves, it stops us in investing in ourselves, our businesses, our hobbies, or general life performance, all because automatically we know we don’t have enough, there is not enough or we give away everything that we have!

First step

There is an easy process you can use to identify your pattern. Answer the following questions in a relaxed state, keep thinking outside of the box and pick the first answer which you feel inside of your body:

  1. What is your limitation about money? How would you frame it in one sentence?
  2. Is your belief around money true? Are you certain that this belief (answer from question 1) applies in your life right now?
  3. Provide three examples from your life the opposite to answer from question 1.
  4. How would you feel or do if you would not have money blocks?


The next stage is to write all opposites to the money limiting believes: For example:

  • Old belief:  It is not safe having money, makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • Current belief: Actually before I spent money and I felt great, the only feeling which is uncomfortable was once I spent it. I think that strange feeling came up because I spent it on something, which I did not need. I treat money with respect.

This is only a short example; of course, there is much more to it, but this where you can start right now.

Action plan

Familiarise yourself with the following steps, which you can do on your own, to create positive change in your life and change with time your money blocks believes. If you stick to this small ritual in the next 6 months, you will notice positive results. It requires a little focus, daily reminder, but it is beneficial and is an empowering way to create a shift in your life:

  1. Think twice before you spend money. Assess if you really need this thing, what is the benefit of you owning this thing? Be sure you need it.
  2. Every time you spend some money on the high tag items, listen to the internal voice (your intuition), to double-check that this is the right decision for you.
  3. Write at least 3 affirmations to each limiting belief, it’s like reverse engineering. Search for examples from your personal life.
  4. Set aside some money £10, £50, £100, £500 each month, place the cash on the deposit account every month, and feel good about it. Do it straight after you have been paid and don’t be tempted to use it! Do it and forget about it! Use direct debit if necessary. Feel good about it.
  5. Access new creative ways of earning money (think outside the box) either through a side job, your hobby or ask for a pay rise. Practice at home before you speak to your boss!
  6. Develop a good feeling inside of your body, every time you are paid.
  7. Practice, practice, practice

Of course, these techniques are only the starting point. If you want to dive deeper and get relief from your money blocks, arrange a free 30 min no-obligation consultation with me where I can explain hot you can get rid of your money blocks via hypnosis. My method is the quickest, pain-free method to deal with the out-dated believes around money.

It is an effective way to identify easily what are the beliefs and create a new one. It works!!!